Beer Cocktails – Yay or Nay?

Beer Cocktails – Yay or Nay?

The way we see it, there is no middle ground in this debate. You either fully embrace and LOVE the idea of adding a fruity, sweet, or savory concoction to flavor up your favorite beer. OR you are completely opposed and repelled by the idea – I mean, why mess with perfection? Am I right?

BUT have you ever thought about combining two beers that play well together? This falls under the “two beers are better than one” school of thought! Or how about adding another alcohol like a hard cider or apple brandy to your Guinness? These types of alcohol combinations are also considered beer cocktails. Now have we piqued your interest?

  • Beer On Beer – Of the three options, we thought this is the one you may be most willing to try! Bon Appetit shares some great ideas for the classic black and tan, the perfect way to mix in a flavored beer, and how a beer combo can help you to embrace funky lambic beer. They also touch on the reason IPAs don’t play well with others.
  • Beer on Spirits – There is some controversy surrounding the combining of beer and liquor. Who doesn’t love a little controversy? As always, just drink responsibly and all will be well. Try these combos the next time you are looking to spice things up:
    • Black Velvet – Mix equal parts Guinness Stout (or any dry Irish stout) and champagne in a tall glass. You can also substitute hard cider for the champagne.
    • Black & Black – Add a dash of blackberry liqueur to a glass of stout.
    • Snake Bite – Mix equal amounts of beer and hard cider in a tall glass.
    • Dog’s Nose – Put 1 oz. gin in a tall glass and fill with beer.
    • Midnight – Mix equal parts of stout and any port wine in a tall glass.
    • Depth Charge – Combine a shot of any flavor of Schnapps in a glass of beer.
  • Fruity Beer Cocktails – This is the part where all you haters stop reading, if not you risk the thought, “Why don’t I always have fruity beer cocktails?” Check out these beer cocktail recipes from Cosmo. Go ahead and try one, you don’t have to admit if you actually like it!

Tell us your thoughts. Are beer cocktails still a thing? Have you created a beer combo that you think needs sharing with the world?



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