5 Signs You May Need to Find a New Bar

5 Signs You May Need to Find a New Bar

Do you have a favorite bar? What makes it your favorite? Is it where everybody knows your name? All cheesy 80’s sitcom references aside, it is important for any good beer lover to have a favorite bar. If you are still searching for your favorite, we have a list of a few things you may want to look out for. If you spot any of these signs, keep going. This is not the bar you are looking for.

Unfriendly or Uneducated Staff – Obviously, you don’t want to get your head bit off by the bar staff on a regular basis so friendliness is a must. It is also important that bar staff be able to answer your questions about the beer and be knowledgeable enough to point you in the right direction when you are looking for something new. Another thing you want to look for is if the staff is educated on the right way to pour draft beer. If you are not sure what that should look like, check out this article from Craft Beer Academy.

Dirty Glasses – If you see bubbles sticking to the side of the glass below the head, you have residue on your glass my friend. And trust us when we say that it does not take much residue to cause head retention and aroma problems in your beer.

Lack of Tap and Beer Line Maintenance – You definitely want to look for a bar that regularly cleans and maintains their draft system. Bacteria, yeast, and mold can all invade a poorly maintained draft system. If this is happening, you will definitely taste the difference.

Inadequate Keg Storage – Beer is definitely more shelf stable than something like milk. It is not going to suddenly turn sour when it is out of the fridge, but temperature is a crucial determinant of the taste of draft beer.  It is important for your favorite bar to be to maintain the proper temperature for their kegs to not sacrifice the quality of the beer.

So what do think now? Does your favorite bar pass the test or do you need to keep looking? Give us a shout out, we would love to talk to you about some of our favorite bars!




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