Are You a Beer Geek?

Are You a Beer Geek?

Attaining the title of beer geek doesn’t usually happen over night. You don’t usually wake up one morning and proclaim, “I am a beer geek!” Just like anything else, becoming a beer geek is something that happens so gradually that you may not even realized it has happened. Just in case some of you may be reaching the apex of beer geekdom, but just aren’t sure – check this list below to see if you have reached your destination.

  • Your wardrobe is full of obscure beer t-shirts and beer festival t-shirts AND you wear them no matter the occasion.
  • You go off route to track down can’t be missed beer stops whenever you are traveling or maybe your traveling consists of mostly beercations to begin with!
  • If there were a beer history category on Jeopardy!, how may would you get right? How much would you bet on the daily double?
  • You have upcoming beer special release dates burned into your memory, but you can’t remember the birthday of your significant other.
  •  Be honest, how many beer apps do you have on your phone?
  • The relation of beer photos on your phone in relation to any other type of photo is above 50%.
  • Your favorite person to converse with at any venue is the bartender.
  • How many beer trade groups/sites are you a member of?
  • The only type of podcast you listen to are beer related.
  • You have experienced ALL of Beer Advocates’s 250 Top Rated Beers.
  • The only form of entertaining you do out of your home is beer tasting parties.

If you are still not sure you are worthy of the beer geek title, the good people of First We Feast have a Beer Geek Self-Improvement Guide you can work your way through.

Remember if you drink beer, you are a friend of ours! Draft Beer Services loves all types of beer drinkers – with beer we unite!

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