Event Ideas that will Fill Up Your Bar

Event Ideas that will Fill Up Your Bar

Whether you serve beer in a restaurant, in a bar, in a taproom, or in your brewery… hosting fun events can fill up your space with customers. And we are talking about event ideas beyond your typical beer tasting or happy hour. Pick a few ideas of the ideas below to get started. Have fun with it and don’t forget to get feedback from attendees to make the next event even better.

  • Fantasy Sports Draft Day events are very popular. Be sure you can offer good and stable wifi for the crowd this will draw.
  • Round up some teams for a Poker Tournament.
  • If you have the space, think about setting up cornhole or host a cornhole tournament.
  • Host a local home brewing club.
  • Offering a canvas painting class is a great way to draw in new customers.
  • Music is always a good idea. Feature local bands, karaoke night, or just an open mic night.
  • Consider teaming up with a food truck or two, especially if your establishment doesn’t already offer food.
  • Ice cream beer float night – sounds like a winner to me! Concoct ice cream flavor and beer pairings that work well together and offer these at a special event.
  • Connect with local businesses and partner with them to host private happy hours for their employees.
  • Trivia Night is always a big hit. Try a themed trivia or deluxe prizes for an extra draw.
  • Host an After Party for a local sporting event or a local community tourism event.
  • Hold an informative beer class taught by a cicerone or a local brewmaster.
  • Work your your chef or a local chef to create an exclusive dinner with perfectly paired beer offerings.
  • If you are a restaurant, consider bringing in a brewery for a tap takeover. If you are a taproom, offer a trade to another brewery for a tap takeover.
  • Hold a beer event in a new, imaginative location such as a local park, old warehouse, library, museum, or a botanical garden.
  • Sponsor a charity event for a non-profit. You can use many of the ideas above and donate all proceeds to a charity.

It’s true, beer events can be a lot of work. But when done well, they can bring in new and returning customers. Give your customers something to talk about and look forward to with a fun event!

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