Get the Most Out of Your Next Craft Beer

Get the Most Out of Your Next Craft Beer

We don’t think there is ever a “right or wrong” way to drink a beer. But we would like to suggest that by making a few small adjustments, you may be able to maximize your craft beer drinking experience. Still not into craft beer? Well, did you know that the majority of Americans (83% of ages 21+) live within 10 miles of a craft brewery? Use the Brewery Finder to find a craft brewery near you and use these tips to get the most out of your experience!

Let’s Drink!

  • Put it in a glass. Different glasses bring out and highlight different flavors in a beer. Properly selected glassware will give you the opportunity to pick up on the full experience of a beer. You can reference this list by Beer Advocate to choose the perfect glassware shape. Of course, more important than the shape of your glassware is the cleanliness! Residue may effect the head retention as well as the flavor and aroma.
  • Make sure you have a good pour. Don’t ever let the bottle, can or faucet touch the inside of the glass or the beer. It’s unsanitary and can leave weird flavors in your beer. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle when pouring. The beer should initially flow down the side of the glass. Gradually tilt the glass upright so that you finish pouring straight down the middle of the glass. This will allow for a proper head to help trap flavors and aroma from escaping.
  • Slow down. Quality, craft beer is not meant to be guzzled. Take the time to fully enjoy all aspects of the beer. How does it look? How does it smell? Remember that 80% of your taste perception comes from your sense of smell. How does it feel in your mouth? What flavor undertones do you taste? Does it have the aftertaste that you expected?

Some people believe becoming a craft drinker means you have to do extensive research and sprout a whole new “beer vocabulary”. Nah, there is no need to over complicate it. But we promise using these tips can greatly increase your craft beer drinking enjoyment. Cheers!


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