How To: Introducing Friends to Craft Beer

How To: Introducing Friends to Craft Beer

Craft beer drinkers UNITE and then bring all your friends over to the dark side! Oh, if it were only that easy. There is still a large portion of the beer drinking population that still just doesn’t “get” craft beer. Well, it is our job to win them over these helpful tips:

  • Don’t be pretentious.
    • What me? Pretentious, never! We agree. BUT one of the hesitations of many non-craft beer drinkers is the perception of what it means to be a craft beer drinker. Some people believe becoming a craft drinker means you have to do extensive research and sprout a whole new “beer vocabulary”. It all seems too complicated. So, our advice is to keep it simple with zero pressure and don’t use unfamiliar words!
  • Remember that there is a craft beer for everyone.
    • The key is to determine the likes of your potential craft beer drinker. Do they currently enjoy macro brews? Try them out with an American light lager, a golden ale, a non-hoppy amber ale, or a wheat beer are all good starting places. Are they a coffee addict? If so, you can start them on a mild stout or porter. Wine drinkers may enjoy a Saison, Lambic, or a Belgium style ale.
    • Even though I am sure you are an IPA lover, this is actually a category you don’t want to introduce right away. The unexpected bitterness of an IPA have turned many non-craft drinkers away!
  • Nudge, don’t shove.
    • As with any new experience,  a gentle nudge is always more effective than a big shove. Find out their preferred drinking style and do your research to offer a craft beer with similar qualities. Then gently nudge them out of their comfort zone.

Feel free to add in the argument for better ingredients, greater health benefits, sustainable brewing, or supporting the local economy. Surely one of those will strike a cord with your padawan!

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