Must Haves for Your Tap List

Must Haves for Your Tap List

There is no doubt that thanks to the craft beer movement there are more unique and better tasting beers available than ever before. In the midst of so many options, how do you select the perfect tap list? How can you ensure options that meet the desires of your patrons while being profitable for your establishment? Here are a few guidelines we suggest:

  • Incorporate different styles of beer into your set. A great place to start is this list from Beeradvocate. While it may not be feasible to have an option from each individual category, at least try to hit up each of the major groupings for a nice variety.
  • Everyone loves to root for the home team so represent local breweries specific to your region. This supports the local economy and it allows you to give tourists a unique taste of your area. The Brewers Association has a continuously updated search feature to find breweries near you.
  • Just like everything else these days, beer is seasonal. Include at least one or two rotating seasonal selections. Whether you chose to include pumpkin spice or not is a completely personal decision and we will support you either way!
  • There is an app for that! What beer smartphone apps are you using to drive your selection? Popular apps like Untappd and RateBeer that allow customers to rate and rank their favorite beer selections can help you to find your next best seller.
  •  Get feedback from your customers. Use social media, a request box, check holder feedback tickets, or any other method to find out what your customers are wanting.

Of course, the most important must have for your tap list is quality. Every draft pour needs to be fresh and flavorful. Draft Beer Services can help with that! We invite you to find out why the best sports bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and home brewers across the Southeast rely on us to custom design, install, and maintain their systems. They want to serve the best tasting pint and we can deliver!

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At Burger Republic we “Defend Quality!”.  Draft Beer Services shares that belief and is a great partner of ours making certain that the beer we pour our guests is the best it can be.  We have seen a tremendous improvement in the QUALITY of our product since we started doing business with DBS.

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