Pass Me a Bowl of Soup and a Beer Please!

Pass Me a Bowl of Soup and a Beer Please!

I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter where you live, it either is or has been cold lately. Even Florida has experienced freezing temperatures and snow recently – I said FLORIDA, people! Our solution is to warm up with a bowl of soup or chili followed by a beer. That combination should warm up even the most cold natured peeps out there.

Vine Pair has a few beer/soup pairings to get us started on this journey to thaw out.

Here are a few suggestions from the list:

  • Black Bean Soup with a Porter
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup with a Lager
  • Chicken Noodle Soup with an Amber Ale
  • Clam Chowder with a Guinness
  • French Onion Soup with a Brown Ale
  • Potato Soup with a Porter
  • Tomato Soup with a Brown Ale
  • Tortilla Soup with a Lager (this also pairs well with a margarita, just saying!)

BUT what if in addition to pairing your soup with a beer, you added one into your soup while cooking. I think the ideas are getting better and better here.

Check out a few of these recipes:

  • Try adding a Mexican Beer to your Tortilla Soup via this fresh looking recipe on Food & Wine.
  • Here is a hearty chili from Epicurious that combines chuck roast with a dark lovely such as a stout.
  • Who could pass up on a Bacon Beer Soup? Not me! Get this lager based recipe from Delish.
  • A Stout French Onion Soup from the Beeroness would definitely hit the spot on a cold day.
  • Winner, winner, chicken dinner Buffalo Chicken Beer Cheese Soup – YES, please!
  • How about some Sausage and Cheddar Beer Soup? The recipe says it only takes about 30 minutes cooking time, and there is very little prep. Sign me up!

What are your favorite soups, chilis, or beers to warm up with when the temperatures drop? Let us know what we missed!



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