How to Scope Out the BEST Beer Festivals

How to Scope Out the BEST Beer Festivals

There are so many beer festivals each and every weekend. The explosion of festivals goes hand in hand with the craft beer industry’s growth. But how is a beer lover supposed to chose? We have the tips you need to scope out only the best beer festivals.

Only the BEST Beer Festivals

  • The first question to ask is, how many years has the festival been running? We are not saying that first year festivals won’t have it going on. BUT a festival that has been around for several years will have had time to listen to feedback and work out all the kinks.
  • Plus, with a festival that has been running for awhile you should be able to find online reviews. Do your research online. Make your decision based on the collective feel of the reviews. No single review should be the definitive for attending or not. The more reviews or online feedback you receive, the more you have to work with before making a judgment call.
  • While you are online, check the beer blog scene as well. If prominent members of the craft beer community have publicly endorsed an upcoming festival, it’s most likely worth your time and money.
  • What organization is running the event? Find out and be sure it is someone reputable. Also, be sure it is an organization such as a local brewer’s guild that actually cares about beer and is not just out to make a buck.
  • Check the details. Will there be entertainment? How long is the tasting window? Will there be food? What is the venue like? Will there be areas to chill? Is it near public transportation?
  • What brewers are attending? With so many beer festivals these days, brewers really have to pick and choose. Find out if the local breweries are attending the festival. If not, that could be a red flag. Also, make sure the brewery list is diverse. You want to find beers that you can’t regularly get at a bar or grocery store.

The goal is to find festivals that will allow you to interact with other like-minded, beer-lovin’ people, meet some brewers, and sample lots of new brews! What are your best tips?

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