Serving Draft Beer with Intention

Serving Draft Beer with Intention

Sure, anyone can turn on a faucet and pour beer into a glass. But how will it taste? We believe brewery fresh flavor should be the goal for each and every glass of draft beer you serve. Your customers are seeking to taste beer the way the brewer intended it to taste. Never fear, we have you covered. These tips will have you serving draft beer with intention which will have your customers running back for more.

  • Store your beer at the “just right” temperature. Fluctuating too much from this zone can lead to a flat taste or too much foam at the time of dispensing. Also, be sure your distributors are following optimal storage and shipping temperatures. Tap fresh full kegs the day after they are received. This will allow enough time for them to chill to the proper dispensing temperature.
  • Keep track of the beer you have on tap. How long ago was it tapped? Is this a variety that ages well? We know the thought of beer going down the drain breaks your heart as much as it does ours. But it just won’t do to be serving past prime beer.
  • Keep each beer at the CO2 level determined by the brewer. Deviations from the brewers pressure recommendation can alter the taste, the foaminess, and the appearance of the beer.
  •  The number one reason a beer brand may taste “off” is poor beer line hygiene. Don’t be the guy serving beer from lines that aren’t properly maintained!
  • Always serve beer in the cleanest of glassware. It takes very little residue to cause head retention and aroma problems in your beer.

Perfecting Your Pour

The final step to serving great beer with intention is in the pour. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle about two inches below the spout. Do not touch the glass to the faucet. Open the faucet quickly and completely so beer flows freely. The beer should initially flow down the side of the glass. Gradually tilt the glass upright so that you finish pouring straight down the middle of the glass. This will allow for a proper head to help trap flavors and aroma from escaping.

We invite you to find out why the best sports bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and home brewers across the Southeast rely on Draft Beer Services to custom design, install, and maintain their systems. Let us help you focus on serving draft beer with intention!

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