Should You Homebrew?

Should You Homebrew?

So exactly how much do you LOVE beer? Do you love it enough to try brewing your own? For some beer lovers, just observing, learning and drinking are not enough. Some beer lovers have to experience the whole process from beginning to end. This is exactly the type of person who should homebrew.

Brew Your Own magazine has a great in-depth article about the ins and outs for the first time homebrewer. Check that out if you want to learn exactly what is needed to begin your homebrew journey. What we want to talk about is the reason why you would want to homebrew.

Why Should You Homebrew

  • Price – There are many claims that great beer at a lower price is a big reason to homebrew. We say, ehh maybe. There is the initial cost of equipment and then of course the on-going cost of ingredients. But what you may or may not save in cost depending on your tastes, you will definitely make up for in quality. Isn’t that true with so many hobbies?
  • Quality – A beer is only as  good as the quality of its ingredients. Guess what? With a homebrew, you get to control ALL of the ingredients. You get to control the freshness of the ingredients and if you are so inclined you can choose healthier options such as organic, non-gmo, or low glycemic ingredients.
  • Satisfaction  – Let’s face it, we all spend too much time in front of screens. It’s time for a new hobby! Research shows that hobbies are just as important to good health as exercise, thanks to their ability to relieve stress. Homebrewing is a hobby with an amazing end result that you can take pride in and share with your loved ones.

Now that you are ready to homebrew, let’s take the dream one step further. Imagine a home draft system that can deliver glass after glass of your very own concocted tasty brew! Draft Beer Services offers the equipment, services and installation for all residential built-in needs.

We would love to hear your homebrew experiences!


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