The Beers of Summer!

The Beers of Summer!

Let us help you mix it up this summer! Outdoor activities and hot steamy weather are reasons enough for all your summer plans to include beer. But in addition to your cooler full of light, guzzle-able cheap beer, we challenge you to throw in some of our favorite beers of summer.

Beers of Summer:


Sour beers are reminiscent of childhood summer car trips that included a stop for sour fruity candy or a stop at a little roadside stand selling not quite ripe fruit. The fermentation of a sour beer makes them bright, refreshing and restorative. Try a Gose which is a dry, lemony ale traditionally seasoned with salt and coriander. Better yet reach for the German Wheat Ale, Berliner Weisse. This tart and refreshing ale is often mixed with fruit flavors to balance the acidity.

Juicy or Hazy IPAs

These summer beers exhibit relatively low perceived bitterness, high hop aroma and flavor and a softer texture than other types of IPAs. This category of IPA exploits the fruity flavors in hops, instead of their bitterness. This is exactly the type of beer that shouts “bring on summer!”

Wheat Beers

The Weissbier and Witbier are two top-fermented, wheat-based varieties that are perfect for summer. Tanginess, juiciness, a hint of spice that is refreshing and full-bodied – what more could you ask for? To get the most out of your wheat beer, be sure to savor the aroma.

Blonde Ale

A Blonde ale can be anywhere from pale yellow to a rich gold with good clarity, sometimes verging on brilliant. The malt flavors are sweet, but can have some added character of light bread, toast, wheat, biscuit, even rye. Add to that a medium body with a slightly dry finish and you have yourself a new summer beer!

Which summer beer is right for you? The only way to know for sure is to try them all consider it your summer bucket list!




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