Tips for Pairing Beer with Dessert

Tips for Pairing Beer with Dessert

After dinner tonight you don’t have to choose between kicking back and relaxing with an ice cold beer OR a delicious dessert. You can have BOTH! You can have your cake and drink it too. Let us be your guide to the delightful world of beer and dessert pairings.

  • Chocolate:
    • We will start here because this one is easy. A sweet Stout or a Porter is what you want to reach for with a chocolate dessert. The chocolatey flavors imparted by these dark-roasted malts will complement your dessert very nicely. Just be sure to avoid a ‘dry stout’ in this situation.
    • Bonus: If your having a slice of rich chocolate cake, a fruit beer or a Lambic will add another dimension and act like a fruity topping.
  • Fruity Desserts:
    • A Belgium will give you a clean, crisp compliment to the acidity in the fruit and enhance the flavor of any crust. The orange, lemon, and lime notes of a Witbier can also enhance the fresh fruit flavor.
  • Cheesecake:
    • Try pairing a sour beer with cheesecake. The rich, creaminess of the cheesecake will balance out the tartness of a sour beer. You can also try a Brown Ale to add a level of nuttiness to your cheesecake experience.
  • Ice Cream:
    • For every flavor of ice cream is a different potential beer pairing. Start with these guidelines, use a Stout to add chocolate or coffee flavors, Brown Ale to add nuttiness, Pilsner to add maltiness, or add a fruit beer for you guessed it – fruity flavor.

What are your favorite dessert and beer pairings? Do you prefer to add like flavor to like flavor or do you appreciate a good contrast? When in doubt, consult this great graphic from Shari’s Berries for the perfect pairing.


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