Tips to Up Your Beer Game

Tips to Up Your Beer Game

We know that you care about both the beer you serve and the customer you are serving. We have the tips you need to up your beer game and keep your customers smiling.

Up Your Beer Game!

  • Create a proper beer menu incorporating the brewery, origin, beer style, alcohol by volume and a brief description. You can also incorporate beer pairings into your food menu.
  • Beer is seasonal so include at least one or two rotating seasonal selections. Alert your customers to specials and new items.
  • Represent local breweries specific to your region to support the local economy and give tourists a unique taste of your area.
  • Build interest in low turnovers by offering samples in small taster glasses for free.
  • Choose the perfect glass with the shape that most complements the beer you are serving. The perfect glass will also be perfectly clean. Glass residue can alter the head and the taste.
  • Maintain perfectly clean lines. The buildup of ‘beerstone’ can quite quickly destroy the flavor of your beer.
  • Store your beer at the “just right” temperature by checking and maintaining your lines and cold storage areas regularly.
  • Train your staff on the techniques for a perfect pour and encourage them to really know the ins and outs of your beer menu. This will help them make recommendations and answer any questions.

Of course the biggest way to up your game is quality. Choose quality beer and serve it from a quality draft system. Even the highest quality beer will taste like a dud if poured through a improperly maintained system. You have to treat beer like a living creature if you want to taste it how the brewer intended. Draft Beer Services offers biweekly, monthly, or quarterly preventative maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget. Our maintenance technicians available 24/7 will help you perfect your craft!

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