6 Ways to Support Local Beer

6 Ways to Support Local Beer

Beer lovers like you play a large role in the support of local breweries. Many times buying local means supporting a small business that doesn’t have deep pockets. Buying local helps keep your money circulating through your immediate geographic area. This helps local economies because these businesses are more likely to buy from local suppliers, hire local service providers, and of course hire employees.

We are not suggesting you give up ALL your favorite national chain beers or imports. But we do have a few ideas on how you can support your local beer scene and maybe even find a new favorite beer!

  1. First on the list is to visit your local brewpubs and breweries, of course! Take a tour, have some samples and learn more about their offerings. Many times you can find employees willing to take the time to share their brewing process or more information about the ingredients that go into their products.
  2. If it is an option, bring a growler to fill with local beer right from the source. You can’t get any fresher than that! Take that goodness home and enjoy it from the comfort of your own couch.
  3. Don’t just drink the beer, order some food. Many local brewpubs and breweries serve amazing food. You might find a new favorite spot for dinner out on the town.
  4. Buy the merchandise to spread the word!
  5. After your enjoyable experience and the addition of a new favorite local beer to your rotation, spread the word online. Use these tips to share your new found love online with a great review.
  6. Another great way to support local beer is to attend local beer festivals. Many festivals promote the local beer scene and spread the good word of beer. We frequently list festivals on our social medias pages for you to enjoy!

What’s your favorite local beer? Tell us about the breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs in your area!



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