Adding a Draft Beer System to Your Restaurant

Adding a Draft Beer System to Your Restaurant

Consumer demand for quality beer, and especially craft beer, is not likely to slow down any time soon. A draft beer system can significantly improve the appeal of a restaurant as well as the bottom line, but only if you do it right. Here are the ingredients for a successful draft beer setup!

A Unique Setup

At Draft Beer Services, we aim to make your draft system just as unique and beautiful as the rest of your establishment. We want to design a system that is representative of you and your needs. We believe that one size definitely does not fit all. Let us help you think outside the box. Whether you need one tap or 300 taps, a direct draw system, or a glycol system that can pour 500 feet from the cooler, Draft Beer Services has done them all.

Quality Components

Quality products and quality service begin with quality thinking! Draft Beer Services offers a comprehensive assessment of your system that will ensure all system components are in accordance with Brewers Association standards. We only collaborate with the best in the industry – Micro Matic, Perlick, UBC, Celli, AirGas, iPourIt, Crown Tonka, and others.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

Nothing will ruin a busy night at your restaurant like a faulty beer line system. It’s vital to be sure your beer lines are properly installed and sufficiently maintained. Our highly trained design and installation experts know what is necessary to ensure the greatest of quality for each and every pour. Improperly maintained and unclean beer lines can quickly destroy the flavor of your beer. Always serve from beer lines that are void of beerstone, bacteria, and mold. Draft Beer Services offers biweekly, monthly, or quarterly preventative maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget. Our maintenance technicians available 24/7 will help you perfect your craft.

Correct Storage

From the moment you receive the keg until it is empty, it’s important to maintain the proper temperature or you will sacrifice the quality of the beer. High temperatures can causes excess foam, while low temperatures produce a flat taste because the flavor is not being released.

Adequate Training

Friendly, knowledgeable beer staff can contribute to the success of your bar. Train your staff on the techniques for a perfect pour and encourage them to really know the ins and outs of your beer menu. This will help them make recommendations and answer any questions.



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At Burger Republic we “Defend Quality!”.  Draft Beer Services shares that belief and is a great partner of ours making certain that the beer we pour our guests is the best it can be.  We have seen a tremendous improvement in the QUALITY of our product since we started doing business with DBS.

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