Solutions to the Most Common Draft Beer System Issues

Solutions to the Most Common Draft Beer System Issues

You’ve made the right choice. The choice to serve quality beer and serve it from a quality draft beer system. But what happens when your draft system isn’t functioning as intended? When problems arise during a busy night, it can cost you money. Never fear, our maintenance technicians are available 24/7 to meet all your needs. Here are a few situations that may arise with possible causes/solutions to look into.

Beer is flowing  inconsistently or erratically.

  • Check for a kink in the line or if something is sitting on the line.
  • Is there a bad seal around the faucet or keg coupler?
  • Determine if there is a pinhole or a large deposit somewhere in the line.
  • The beer lines may need to be cleaned.

Beer is not flowing at all.

  • Start with the obvious, the keg could be empty. Gas rushing out of the faucet is usually a good indication.
  • Check to see if the carbon dioxide tank is attached, full, and that the valves are open.
  • The beer line could be frozen or blocked.

Beer is too foamy.

  • The carbon dioxide valve could be set at the wrong pressure. Deviations from the brewers pressure recommendation can alter the taste, the foaminess, and the appearance of the beer.
  • Check the temperature. High temperatures can causes excess foam, while low temperatures produce a flat taste because the flavor is not being released. Tap fresh full kegs the day after they are received. This will allow enough time for them to chill to the proper dispensing temperature.
  • Did the keg have time to settle? Excessive shaking or rolling around right before tapping will release the wrong about of foam leading to inconsistency. The more settled a keg is before you tap it, the better the beer will taste.

Beer is flat.

  • Check the pressure and temperature as indicated above for beer that is too foamy.
  • Another culprit could be dirty beer glasses. Oils and grease in a beer glass can quickly destroy foam. It takes very little residue to cause head retention and aroma problems in your beer.

Beer is darker than usual or contains dark flecks.

  • Clean the beer lines immediately! Unclean beer lines can quickly destroy the flavor of your beer and make it unsanitary. Be sure you are serving out of beer lines that are void of beerstone, bacteria, and mold.

Draft Beer Services offers biweekly, monthly, or quarterly preventative maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget. Knowing that your system and beer lines are in pristine condition leaves you one less thing to worry about. Give us a call today!

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