Best Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover on Your List

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover on Your List

We get it, some people are SO hard to shop for during the holidays! But the beer lover on your list doesn’t have to be one of them.

These gift ideas will be sure to bring a smile!

  • Beer Festival Tickets – Give the gift of an experience. Find a beer festival in your area at Then point them towards this article for the best beer festival tips.
  • Beer Growler – Who couldn’t stand to add another growler to their collection? Learn why every beer lover needs one here.
  • Beer Tasting Glassware – The perfect glassware shape for each beer is the one that most complements it as referenced on this list by Beer Advocate.
  • Beer Flavored Snacks – We are talking beer flavored marshmallows, boozy lollipops, beery fudge, beer ice cream, beer infused pickles. You should be able to find something that will excite your beer lover’s taste buds here.
  • Beer Flight Paddles – Is there someone on your list that enjoys hosting beer tastings? Bump their next event up a notch with the purchase of a few beer flight paddles. Also, point them to this article for how to host the BEST beer tasting party.
  • Basket O’Beer – Fill a decorative basket with local beer and snacks. Trust us, this will get the job done – simple, sweet, and thoughtful.
  • A Night Out – Give the gift of a night out to the beer lover’s brewery or pub of choice – your treat! Allow them to geek out all they want by truly listening to all their wonderful beer knowledge and offer to taste any beer they want you to experience.

If you didn’t find anything in this list that seems just right, take a look at some unique beer lover gifts found here. Happy Shopping!


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