Beer Snacks for the Win!

Beer Snacks for the Win!

A night out with friends drinking beer can be exactly what the doctor ordered. But sometimes after a busy or hectic week, a night at home with friends drinking beer can suit your mood a little more. Drinking beer with friends at home also allows you to show off your creativity in the form of beer snacks!

Traditionally, beer snacks are salty. Why is that? Many are under the impression that bars serve salty snacks because it makes you thirsty and therefore likely to purchase more beer. This is partly true, but there is another reason. Salt is used as a universal flavor booster because at low concentrations it can reduce bitterness, while increasing sweet, sour, and savory flavors. This can even out the flavor of your beer and induce a smoother taste. On the opposite end of the spectrum, alcohol enhances the taste of salt and fat on our palates making salty, fatty snacks the perfect complement to your evening of beer drinking!

Beer Snacks for the Win:

If the friends you invite over aren’t yet into craft beer, never fear. We have the how-to for Introducing Your Friends to Craft Beer. And if you would like to serve your friends from your very own Residential Draft System, we can take care of that as well!


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