It’s Tailgate Time So Just Add Beer!

It’s Tailgate Time So Just Add Beer!

You know tailgate parties are only partly about the football, right? They are mostly about the fellowship, the food and more importantly the beer! Of course, you will have beer at your tailgate, that is a no-brainer. The question is, how can you infuse beer into your event at a deeper level. You know we have the answer!

Beer Pairings

There is no right or wrong beer to drink with tailgate food as long as you enjoy it! But we think you will agree some of these pairings are genius.

  • Pair a citrus infused IPA with nachos.
  • Serving sub sandwiches? A Lager is the way to go.
  • Enjoy a cream ale or a brown ale with spicy wings.
  • Pass out a stout or a porter the next time you are serving chili at your tailgate.
  • Have you tried a gose with your pulled pork sandwiches?
  • Keep it all in the German family by pairing a Hefeweizen with brats.
  • If dessert is on your mind, we have pulled together all the Tips for Pairing Beer With Dessert.

Beer Cocktails

We know, we know this is a controversial subject. But adding beer cocktails to your game day drinking program could be a fun way to spice things up! You have beer on beer options, beer on spirits, concoctions, and who can forget about those fruity beer cocktails. Get some great ideas from this previous post.

Beer Infused Recipes

Don’t just drink beer at your next tailgate party, incorporate it into the food with these great recipes!

Tell us your thoughts! What is your favorite tailgate beer? What is your favorite tailgate food? And if the friends you invite to your tailgate aren’t yet into craft beer, never fear. We have the how-to for Introducing Your Friends to Craft Beer.


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