Celebrate National Beer Day

Celebrate National Beer Day

We know, we know there is a “national” day for EVERYTHING – even lumpy rugs, ampersands, and paper bags. But around here we would be remiss to not celebrate National Beer Day. This is a “national” day that is actually based on historical events. The April 7 observance marks the beginning of the end of prohibition. Frankin D. Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison act on April 7th, 1933. It was the first step toward the ultimate end of prohibition. This act allowed people to buy, sell and drink beer that had 4% alcohol by volume after 13 long years of prohibition. FDR is said to have announced after putting his name to the law that “this is a good time to have a beer.” One thing we can all agree on is that any excuse to drink more beer needs not be questioned!

 Here are some fun ways you can celebrate National Beer Day:

  • Start a new tradition with your family or friends by throw a beer tasting party.
  • Introduce your non craft beer drinking friends to some new brew. Bring them over to the dark side!
  • Show some love to your favorite brewery or bar by posting a positive online review.
  • Expand your beer knowledge with some random, handy little beer factoids.
  • For some beer lovers, just observing, learning and drinking are not enough. Experience the whole process from beginning to end by learning more about homebrewing.
  • How amazing would it be to experience the awe of your favorite draft beer from the privacy of your own home? Make plans to set up a residential draft system in your home.
  • Prepare a dinner using our best tips for cooking with beer. Think outside the box and expand your beer boosted culinary skills.
  • Better yet, skip dinner altogether and have a wonderful evening of carefully selected dessert and beer pairings.
  • How about whipping up a new beer cocktail to try? You may concoct a beer combo that needs sharing with the world!

This year National Beer Day falls on a Saturday so we recommend celebrating all weekend long!


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